These guys made working in the holidays a whole lot of fun! #pickedtherightcareer

I am in love with these musketeers! @teodoraaa3 @joeyowe @marina_zaira_kaila (at Kingpin Bowling & M9 Laser Skirmish)

Best. Easter. Present. Ever. @caitlin_stott

There is a rabbit in my helmet! #magicalracer

I love my job, I get all these awesome things from the students!


My grandpa texted for the first time in his life today and he spit straight wisdom out of the keyboard

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First work place to give me any sort of gift, thanks MagiKats

Best view of Sydney! (at Sydney Tower Eye)

Brunch at a gloomy but beautiful Bondi Beach @caitlin_stott (at Lamrock Cafe)